allergens and foodservice

For Wagamama we produce in-restaurant communications for allergen and dietary requirements; to provide a best in sector solution for consumer safety, regulatory compliance and customer experience. Our involvement has also included menu development and social media from a nutritional perspective.

making an effort pays off

We follow a simple rule: never forget that customers are people just like the rest of us! So they are more likely to respond well if you make an effort to hold their attention. For ingredient companies such as J O Sims we create direct marketing campaigns and sales presentations that showcase their products in a creative and appealing way, joining the dots form the ingredient to possible end applications.


Please send media enquiries to info@ or telephone 01763 272118. We are contributors to broadcast and written media, particularly with regard to health & nutrition. We also participate in live food trade & consumer events as presenters, speakers and competition judges.

health & wellbeing

We cut our teeth on all things health and nutrition with multiple campaigns for Tesco, where the emphasis was on presenting consumers with helpful information in a clear, non-patronising way. With health & wellbeing now key drivers in the industry, we offer particular expertise in this area.

new product development

As well as working on NPD from a marketing perspective, we also get up to our elbows in ingredients with our team of development partners, to create innovative concepts in baked goods, snacking, dairy and confectionery, most recently creating a selection of disruptive solutions for Mondelez.

working globally, thinking locally

We work for Ocean Spray worldwide for both their branded and ingredient businesses, tailoring marketing activity to suit local requirements, while maintaining consistent brand communication. We also have considerable experience working for overseas businesses trading into Europe and for European clients trading around the world.

“Canada Day”

On Saturday 1st July 2017, 70,000 visitors passed through Trafalgar Square to join the party as Canadian expats celebrated 150 years of independence.

In terms of scale, this eclipsed all the trade & consumer shows, conferences, openings and launches that we’ve ever managed (and there’s been quite a few)! The logistics of working on a national monument that also happens to be a big roundabout, was challenging to say the least, especially as we were promoting frozen Canadian Wild Blueberries… on the hottest day of the year!

when you are ready to start selling but your product isn’t

We design and create product and packaging prototypes that become the focal point of sales presentations, because nothing sells an idea better than a physical representation of what the product will be. Something the buyer can pick up, turn over and consider from all angles.

managing complexity

No other business embraces as many issues as food. No other business caters for more consumer diversity. No other business comes under such close scrutiny from government, lobby groups and the media. When it comes to marketing food, we believe that our experience makes us a valuable resource for seeing a clear path through such complexity.

the next big thing

At the beginning of every year, research companies announce the new trends to watch out for. But not all of them will last, so how can you tell which ones are worth backing? We can help you sort the likely winners from the rest of the field.


Is a new idea on trend, will it get past the buyer, is it what consumers are really looking for, is the opportunity worthwhile, what does the data say, is the concept protectable? Just some of the questions we ask and answer as part of the NPD process.

ever made a presentation where you think the buyer isn’t really listening?

It doesn’t have to be that way. We create presentations that are clear, concise, engaging and memorable. We have a great track record designing presentations either to or for companies such as these and we can do the same for you. Tell us your objective and we’ll create the concept, content and materials that will give you the best possible chance of success.