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Below are a selection of useful links relating to food legislation and government agencies.


Food Information Regulation 2011
Main EU legislation covering allergen and nutritional information that will begin to be enforced from 2014.

Food Labelling Regulation 1996 (as amended)
Current UK rules on food labelling.

Gluten Regulation (commission regulation (EC) No 41/2009)
Do’s and don’ts regarding gluten terminology.

Health Claims Register
An interactive database showing the status of health claims.

Nutritional Claims
A summary of the criteria necessary for making nutritional claims.

Criteria for the use of terms fresh, pure, natural etc. in food labelling
FSA advice on how certain marketing terms should and should not be used.


European Commission
All EU policy can be found here.

Food labelling and packaging (
UK’s food labelling policies with useful guidance documents.

Food Standards Agency (FSA)
Responsible for food safety and allergy policies.

Technical guidance on nutrition labelling (
Provides nutrition related requirements of the EU Food Information for consumers regulation (EU FIC).

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
The UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media.